Laptop stand that supports work on the move

The digital nomad dream, durable, light weight, ergonomic and fits in your laptop sleeve.
Kiana - Digital Nomad

Hi, Riekus here, during my travels I have tried many laptop stands but could not find the right fit. That is why I decided to build my own, my requirements were:

  • Light weight
  • Durable
  • Lifts screen to eye-level
  • Compact when stored
  • Create keyboard space

After learning CAD design and going through many iterations I settled on the design you are seeing here. Made from high quality 3mm matte twill carbon fiber, precisely CNC machined.

I had to pay top dollar to get my first prototype manufactured. After testing it for months, I'm lovin' it and announcing the Roost stand dead!

After many questions in co-working spaces they convinced me to get a production run done. I have found a manufacturer that is willing to do a small production run, this will bring the cost down enough to compete with other quality laptop stands (Pretty proud of this!).

* Fits all modern laptops from 17 to 13 inch.

If i can get 100 people interested I will place the order.
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Efficient with space

More space for better ergonomics with same screen distance


improves posture

easy assembly

fits laptop sleeve

Fits in a 13 inch laptop cover

2 sizes rule all

2 Hook sizes, 21mm and 14mm